15 Years Innocent Bangladeshi Girl Felani Killed by Aggressive Indian Border Security Force (BSF)

BSF Killed Felani
Felani, 15 years old Bangladeshi girl. Her father fixed her marry in Bangladesh. So, she is returning to Bangladesh with her father from Nayadilli, India - work place of her father. On Friday, 7th January, 2011 at 6am she and her father was climbing the barbed wire boundary between Bangladesh and Indian border (exact location: International Border No. 947, between 3 and 4 s pillar of Anantapur, Fulbari) using a ladder. Her father, Nuru Mia crossed first. But at the time of Felani's clothes got entangled in the wire. She was frightened and started screaming. Hearing her scream, the BSF members started shooting at her, at 6.15 am. She was asking for water till her death, about 30 minutes after shooting but nobody there because of the afraid of BSF’s bullets.

BSF Killed Felani Tangled Barbed Wire
The dead body of Felani was tangled in barbed wire around 4 hours. Then the coward Indian Security Force (BSF)'s jowans took away the body at 10:45 am. After 30 hours BSF handover the dead body to BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh).

Deadbody of Felani, Killed by Indian BSF
According to International human rights group Human Rights Watch, in the year 2010 BSF killed 74 Bangladeshis, injured 72 and kidnapped 43 Bangladeshis.

Read: Felani Murder: Follow-up and another Killing Mission by BSF

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Posted: Jan 09, 2011 06:22:57 PM

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what was that?how can they do that?are they were out of mind?poor girl...
By: sabitaPosted: Jan 10, 2011 04:15:22 AM

Very bad. They are man of social or animal of jungle?
By: KamrulPosted: Jan 11, 2011 05:49:03 PM

Sometimes I think we should declare war against India. Thats the only way of telling those BSF that we are not weak. We can take over eastern part of India's 7 sister provinces very easily. Its just a matter of time.
By: Dr. Upol azizPosted: Jan 11, 2011 07:38:12 PM

unbelievable. how can they do that ? They don't have any human being. :(
By: MunzarinPosted: Jan 11, 2011 08:38:08 PM

What kind of father would place his daughter in such danger? This tragedy was easily avoided by taking note of the fact that there is a shoot to kill policy on both sides and a big wire fence is a pretty good hint not to cross it. I see the father got over first and was fine leaving his daughter tangled on the wire...
By: KamalPosted: Jan 13, 2011 10:00:34 AM

This is continuation of a few things ...BSF atrocity, Indian arrogance (South Block policy) and Bangladesh's inability to take such issues for a respectable resolution. On the contrary the other idea is to start shooting BSF animals in retaliation whenever they kill Bangladesh nationals or kidnap them. simple. tit for tat policy. once in the past
By: Rahat ZamanPosted: Jan 13, 2011 08:15:05 PM

How sad for this to happen to this young girl. She had her entire life ahead of her.
By: SixthirtythreePosted: Jan 14, 2011 02:40:52 AM

BSF has been proved to be a coward entity. They love to shoot at easy targets like children and women, and are afraid of even the syndicated smugglers.
By: Sajjad JahirPosted: Jan 14, 2011 03:44:45 PM

We must demand justice for the killing of Falani. If needed we should go to International court. India is killing Bangladeshi people almost every week but no action is being taken against the killer. If we cannot protest against the death of Falani we should not consider us a human being
By: Mahboob HossainPosted: Jan 14, 2011 05:04:42 PM

I feel ashamed of the fact I am a citizen of a country of which the government is not in a position to even voice against such brutal actions of another country which the ruling party forces us to believe as friendly. Same is the case everywhere be it water, border demarcation, Bangladeshi export, Bangladeshi interest abroad. We are to act if our helpless government do not act. My dear brothers, can we start a campaign of avoiding Indian Goods? Can we make it a way of our daily life? Can we not organize? Let us also face the Indian Citizens living in our motherland and earning their bread and butter and let us tell them we are not comfortable with them when India has gone out so much against Bangladesh. We all are not insane. It is not India who brought us the independence....they rather broke Pakistan and it was our valiant fighters and the Bangladesh Army who brought the country to independence. Gentlemen let us all get united behind Felani and say no to INDIA.
By: M. Rezaul HaquePosted: Jan 15, 2011 12:38:09 AM

BSF very often trespass our land and kill our ordinary citizen which our border guards never do! This is the difference between us and them. Please stop watching Indian movies,Television because they've prohibited showing our TV programs in India.
By: nomanPosted: Jan 15, 2011 03:42:58 PM

bu***** BSF. we hate the killers. everybody should condemned the brutality of Indian force.
By: helal ahmedPosted: Jan 15, 2011 07:57:30 PM

I was appalled to see the picture of a minor Bangladeshi girl hanging cold and dead from the barbed wire fence on the India Bangladesh border. No, I am not going to touch politics in this matter but I would definitely write something on the state of the mind of the people on the both side of the border. I find a serious gap between their perceived human culture and the realities of life. The concept of human dignity is a general term but it starts from a single human being. This unfortunate innocent girl whose brutal killing hardly made any wave in the conscience of the people of Bangladesh and India proves one truth that they are far away from the meaning of human dignity. Life is unpredictable but life is not something that can be wasted. This is a mockery of truth when people claim legendary wisdom from their ancestry but after thousands of years they are yet to know the implications of wisdom. Many enraged people who will blame the Awami League government for their inaction to this gruesome crime and will hold the Indian government responsible for not doing anything to ameliorate the charged feelings of the aggrieved but I would strongly advise them to look into this matter from another angle.
The refinement of moral senses is not a matter of time; it’s a development which takes place in the human psyche through social development. The notion of social progress is not based on history; it’s based on enlightenment and economic stability of life. If the number of people brings down the value of life than morality is a victim of ignorance.
When I look at the picture of this unfortunate girl hanging from the barbed wire fence in a desolate place, I find the human conscious hanging from there.
If such a thing would have happened in the western world the reaction and repercussion would have been totally different. A charge of murder and manslaughter would have followed against the culprit. The national conscious would have been questioned. The government responsible would have been sued for millions of dollars. The minister responsible would have resigned in shame and remorse.
Finally I would say societies that tolerate and appease such medieval barbarian actions end up being consumed by those actions.

Akbar Hussain
By: CanadaPosted: Jan 16, 2011 12:48:06 AM

We Only Know Philistine ,Kashmir where human rights are violated but from ages BSF is killing human rights and Bangladeshi People, like a bird. Hate to the Indian Policy about Bangladesh and Bangladeshi People.
By: AlamPosted: Jan 16, 2011 08:41:54 AM

Muslims life are @ the cost of bullet, no one care he or she is innocent or not, only tag of Muslims is sufficient to declare our destiny.
By: MahmoodPosted: Jan 16, 2011 08:38:51 PM

Protest India's random murder at the border. Renounce Indian products.
By: LitonPosted: Jan 17, 2011 04:39:42 AM

Really it's shame for the India which says always that they are the peaceful country. Where is the humanity , it must be taught to BSF.
Action must be taken to the culprits who killed the poor girl.
By: Anwarul HaquePosted: Jan 17, 2011 05:08:39 AM

How BSF cruely killed this innocent girl? As a human being can people do these? Where is humanity? People of Bangladesh should raise their hand to stop these killing.
By: Shafiqur RahmanPosted: Jan 17, 2011 10:24:29 AM

Lets friend we all instigate our verbal weapon towards those Indian soldiers..
By: KhanPosted: Jan 17, 2011 11:28:33 AM

We don't need enemy in disguise of a friend like India. We boast of our MOHAN EKUSHEY FEBRUARY,we fought for our mother tongue BANGLA and rejected Pakistani URDU for good in 1952 and now suddenly why have we fell in love too much with HINDI language and rotten Indian culture? Now we have too much passion for India,its people and culture which are not right!Why do we give Indians too much preferences, to be killed like FELANI??????? Please save our precious BANGLADESHI CULTURE and boycott the VULTURE!!!!Please buy a BANGLADESHI product and reject an Indian!KHAAL KETAY KUMIR ENO NAA!
By: zamal uddinPosted: Jan 17, 2011 03:35:03 PM

It needs serious attention!!!!! something must be done!!!! pass this msg to everyone you can facebook yahoo bbc!!!!!!!
By: Zahidul AminPosted: Jan 17, 2011 07:26:51 PM

Gentleman, if we mean what we have said then it is time to put our thoughts into action...let us all get united at the National Press Club on 21st January, Friday in the afternoon and say no to India. Keep watching the progress and let your friends know about it. Let the resistance begin....

M. Rezaul Haque
By: M. Rezaul HaquePosted: Jan 18, 2011 01:33:35 AM

who are given responsibilities to take care of our identity (government) should be shot in this way! they even didn't make any official contempt on such a brutal incident! are we backbone-less nation!
By: SohelPosted: Jan 18, 2011 06:08:17 AM

Absolutely disgusting. Identify the BSF team who was on duty in that place during that time. Bring them in Bangladesh. Punish them under law.
By: Tanveer SyedPosted: Jan 18, 2011 07:49:29 AM

are you a human being Mrs.Hasina PM? Is there any govt. in Bangladesh? Even CNG drivers don't follow rules in Bangladesh.How cant you protect Bangladeshis? we all know this indian agents are running Bangladesh Govt.where is the freedom fighters? Where is the Bangladeshi Army, Navy? Why they are taking Salaries? Shame to u all Bangladeshis.
By: ashiqPosted: Jan 18, 2011 06:45:49 PM

People of bangladesh should go apply for human rights mission to UN for full investigate like such kind of murder. BSF is like stupid people who can killed like this..

By: A. mostafaPosted: Jan 18, 2011 07:00:26 PM

Let us put our words into action...let us avoid Indian goods and Indian TV Channels. If you find it to be difficult then let us tell our children about it and let them grow up learning the way India behaved with us.
By: M. Rezaul HaquePosted: Jan 18, 2011 11:59:09 PM

People of bangladesh should go apply for human rights mission to UN for full investigate like such kind of murder.i hate B.S.F tuuuuuuu
By: SHUVOPosted: Jan 19, 2011 02:45:48 PM

This is continuation of a few things ...BSF atrocity, Indian arrogance (South Block policy) and Bangladesh's inability to take such issues for a respectable resolution. On the contrary the other idea is to start shooting BSF animals in retaliation whenever they kill Bangladesh nationals or kidnap them. simple. tit for tat policy. once in the past one of the BDR DGs aggressively took this measure i.e. shooting BSFs in retaliation of every killing and kidnapping of Bangladesh nationals that curbed BSF atrocity immensely.
By: Rahat ZamanPosted: Jan 19, 2011 10:18:06 PM

Where is the freedom fighters ? they are all suppressed or made naive because to stay as a freedom fighter you must support BAL and Hasina's Govt.
To be freedom fighter you have to keep quite to all kind of Indian aggression in the form of Farraka Baragge , tipai mukh , occupation of Tin bigha , talpotti etc etc. and not to mention the regular brutal killing and torture of Bangladeshi by the Indian Border patrol.
You are not a freedom fighter if you finger point at distortion of history by the Hasina's AL about her dictator father and his criminal activities as a fascist.
You are not a freedom fighter if you suspect Hasina's Govt involvement in the BDR carnage and demand trail.
All those patriot or freedom fighter is numbed and suppressed by Hasina's RAW propaganda they cannot stand against the highest crime of killing our own brilliant Army officers by Commandos from India.
It is not only India it is the Enemy within the BAL Govt lead by an embecile leader who is after vengeance of her fathers killing.
May falani's death be the end of Evil circle of Hasina and Indian dominance in our country.
May we keep our dignity high as a Moderate Muslim country.
By: Nazrul IslamPosted: Jan 19, 2011 11:51:09 PM

I think it is a great horror for us.The accused BSF solider should be killed as the way as Felani.
By: MoshiurPosted: Jan 20, 2011 05:02:36 AM

I don't say beside BSF, but asking u all is it legal to cross border this way?
thanks to Kamal, as u said... i also hate this kind of father! shame to him!!!
bangladesh side also need a big wire fence.
By: romanPosted: Jan 20, 2011 06:40:35 AM

Say, NO to those animal and their supporter (slave).
By: G.MustafaPosted: Jan 20, 2011 08:46:06 AM

They called as man but behaved like animal.Were they on duty? So what? Where was their humanity?
Actually they were a enemy and behaved like animal.
We should protest this.
By: ShahorinPosted: Jan 20, 2011 08:50:05 AM

we call them(indian)friend,they are worse as pakistani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do they realy understand!!!
By: rdhPosted: Jan 20, 2011 11:36:55 AM

....amadero din ashbe...ar jodi na ashe taile taina oi din nia ashbo....

By: HrishatPosted: Jan 20, 2011 04:37:02 PM

Are they human beings??? Kublai khan like???? Beast!!
India... How they can... always they shown very patriotic feelings ... no humanity...Border or boundery... human boundery... hated
By: AsadPosted: Jan 21, 2011 09:28:22 AM

shame on me ............ i cant do any thing
By: ashfaqPosted: Jan 21, 2011 06:41:00 PM

What a Shame as a nation like bangladeshi! We can't accept such an incedent
By: nurulPosted: Jan 22, 2011 07:59:54 AM

This is really very bad.but they shuld not cross boder in this way.and BSF should not killed her.
By: NadeemPosted: Jan 22, 2011 11:01:42 AM

bsf has only done its job. why did the father of girl take her to india for marrige, is their no man in bangladesh whom he could marry her daughter.
first of all you are comiting a crime and then you are seconding it by saying BSF is coward. WHAT A SHAME ON YOU ALL BLOGGERS. and if there was dis girl asking for water, where was her father. and all the fellowmen who were enjoying the show. Don't they any balls........ to rescue her.
By: parthPosted: Jan 22, 2011 02:02:59 PM

Mr. Parth, her father was not taking her for marriage in india. They were comming from India.

Job location of her father is in india, in a brick factory. After fixing her marriage in Bangladesh, they were returning. For lower payment Brick Factory owners of India often hire these people from border area. But the payment is big for these poor people. So they take illegal way to go India.

To know the real situation you have to stay in the society of their class and at the side of the border.

BSF is blamed because there is a lot of example that they came into our land and kidnapped people.

I ask a question to you is it a game of killing 15 years old girl? Is killing a joke?

In the next post I will give the example happened in 19th January 2011, BSF illegally entered into Bangladesh and kidnapped a 16 years old boy who was fishing.
By: NahidPosted: Jan 22, 2011 05:51:41 PM

Dear Indian Sipahi!
Forget about human rights!
Forget about eastern values and traditions! We can see these values with new standards in your girls dress-ups when they perform here and there.
Killing an un-armed person shows that you are cowards and don't have enough training to arrest your so-called suspects.
Thank you! You are awarding these "SHAHEEDS" shortcut way to the heavens. We Bangladeshis always salute our martyrs.
By: Muhammad ShahinPosted: Jan 24, 2011 07:21:44 AM

The beast Indian BSF should be hung like Felani.

By: protik shenPosted: Jan 24, 2011 02:11:49 PM

Nothing cost our life to bloody BSF.But our pattriotism where.............?Govt. ...ha ..ha..?
By: misbahPosted: Jan 24, 2011 06:49:32 PM

prodhan montri jobab chai?ar koto felani a vabe morbe? aponar nij daughter hole ki korten?apone kono protibad korlen na?
By: RAJU AHMEDPosted: Jan 25, 2011 07:56:35 AM

No Border! One World. One mankind.One creator.
World is open for anyone.

By: JeemPosted: Jan 27, 2011 09:03:23 AM

O Know WHat a tragedy.I Hate all ***** BSF souldier.If they have power why they would face same sort of people like BDR. Why they practised with FAlani, a innocent Girl?
By: Abdul Momen KhanPosted: Jan 27, 2011 07:32:08 PM

@ Parth: Come to Dhaka and see yourself how many Indians working here in bangladesh. You'd be amazed when you're "half done" with accessing their legal status !. On the other hand the brave indian "Jowans" killed a innocent little girl (almost a child) who had her whole life ahead of her. Shame on our Govt not for standing up for the poor and oppressed which is totally against Islamic values. My heart goes out for the family of Felani.
By: Babu IbrahimPosted: Jan 28, 2011 03:22:37 AM

HOW SHAME.............
I hate the killer BSF. I protest against Indian Killer.
By: Abu SayedPosted: Jan 29, 2011 06:17:12 AM

There are lot of illegal Indians who are working in Bangladesh specially in Textile/ Garment sector.
Let us raise our voice to get out those illegal Indians.
By: Md. Abdul HamidPosted: Jan 29, 2011 11:09:32 PM

Bok fete kanna ashe..r shudhu bhabi ki kore pare manush atto nirmon hote..??FALANI jodi just a poor girl falani na hoya amar bon hoto..???????how could i control myself..??? :(
By: SanjoyPosted: Jan 31, 2011 08:14:04 AM

Let the whole world know about it. Everybody should know how Indians are disturbing our country and killing our people.
By: ShamolPosted: Jan 31, 2011 11:32:37 AM

15 Years Innocent Bangladeshi Girl Felani Killed by Aggressive Indian Border Security Force (BSF)

By: Syed Mizanur Rahman SiddiquePosted: Feb 01, 2011 09:25:40 AM

Is this our divine gift of friendship from Indian. Shame!!! If we do the same to the Indian Home Minister , would it be enough.

By: MehediPosted: Feb 02, 2011 01:38:35 AM

khub kharap kaz diner por din avabe tara eidhoroner kaz kore jasse othocho amra chup amader jege uttha dorkar.tai sobar proti rqst amra er protibad kore.amra akhoi.
By: timir ahmedPosted: Feb 02, 2011 10:20:33 AM

Very sad story ! it touches us everyway !! But Pakistanis killed our 3M people and raped uncounted our mothers and sisters in 71 and but we still lick their feet ! We did not learn how to love with dignity ! Don't blame India .. blame ourselves, we need to learn how to hold our head first !!!
By: BiplobPosted: Feb 03, 2011 01:08:35 AM

Wordless to express any comment. Just it is inhuman, brutal & injustice. Shame India........... Shame! What a brutal game! Shame Hasina Shame! She must be awarded for her silent balck & terrible game.
By: A K AzadPosted: Feb 18, 2011 01:30:26 PM

This is really very bad.Protest India's random murder at the border.
By: ShawonPosted: Feb 23, 2011 04:43:13 AM

This is so sad for all the Bangladeshi people.Indian peoples are deprived us.
By: irinPosted: Feb 28, 2011 07:59:51 AM

We are appalled in the Bangladeshi Diaspora in the West about this heinous act against humanity by the so called largest democracy in the world. Shame on Prime Minister Hasina for not taking up a vociferous complain to the Indian authorities.Indeed she acts as a Indian State Chief Minister(Mukhya Mantri)
By: M.M.SALIMPosted: Mar 09, 2011 09:14:27 PM

Did the Indian authority asked their brave border security men, in what context a 15 year old "GIRL" can violate security of their nation? Shame on Sheik Hasina for acting dumb against her New Delhi Masters.Our Dear little daughter/sister Felani, your death will not go unpunished in the annals of history.
By: M.M.SALIMPosted: Mar 09, 2011 11:12:00 PM

it is a worse things which done by Indian army .what actually the humanity of them there is no marshy to this child ....BsF will treat them a hard lesson for this further repetition...
By: shantanuPosted: Mar 12, 2011 11:24:45 PM

Where are we living? I cant stop my tears. Our sister is dead hanging on a fance. Our mother is crying standing from far away. our brother cant even bring her sisters dead body from there. And we are watching World Cup Cricket supporting India. I'm speachless...
By: AzharPosted: Apr 03, 2011 08:09:09 PM

this is our loving india so they have done such kind of better work.
In BD\'s people love them,and who supports pakistan called rajakar,now i asked such kind of people who called this what will their ans now?
i hate india.
By: tamannaPosted: Apr 04, 2011 09:55:59 AM

BSF very often trespass our land and kill our ordinary citizen which our border guards never do! This is the difference between us and them.

We should protest strongly about it ?

In this situation , we should avoid the goods of Indian.
By: Miss BanglaPosted: Apr 06, 2011 11:57:06 AM

I am speechless.they are uncivilized. inhuman being.they must be destroyed.
By: nahiPosted: May 24, 2011 05:44:27 AM

Mr. Parth...............
Bsf member did a worst job…….Border force of big India often shows their "great courage" by killing or kidnapping unarmed Bangladeshis……..

Mr. Parth…………U remarked that BSF did their job….and also scolded the bloggers "who r bad naming ure brave bsf by calling them coward"…..

In war there is also some rule………..no soldiers is permitted to kill unarmed people….specially child & woman is also keep out from war. 15 years little unarmed poor Falani……. was a big threat for big India!!!!…..or risking life of your brave bsf soldier!!!who believe it!!!!!! Is India & Bangladesh is in war crisis!!!!! Is Bangladesh has relation with India as like as India has Pakistan….. also having same border condition!!!

BSF were not able to catch her alive to hand over Indian law!!!!

Shame on you…..first you killed an unarmed child…after then u r demanding that your force did a courageous job………..they could not be a soldier……..they r just killer or monster……….They are must needed to be punished for breaking international human law……….
By: asif kamalPosted: Jun 01, 2011 07:02:13 AM

I feel very bad for the poor girl. But before you blame the BSF for everything, remember that many of them are lowly paid, lowly educated people whose job is to prevent terrorists from entering India.

Expecting such people to care about the dignity of a child or any human is pointless.

Please don't blame all Indians for this. We are not all like that.

I myself as an Indian would be afraid to go over the border like that. It is dangerous. They will kill whoever crosses, Indian, Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, does not matter.

I am so sorry for the poor girl.
By: tanmayPosted: Jun 19, 2011 08:14:39 PM

Felani was crossing over not with a legal visa, but illegally with a gang of smugglers at night.
Felani was illegally married at 15.
Felani was shot 150 yards inside India.

Bangladesh is simply trying to dump its excess population in India.
India has no obligations to Bangladeshi muslims inside Indian borders

As Upol Aziz writes, Bangladesh wants to take over eastern part of India. The Felani incident will discourage jihadi demographic warfare.
By: Shan94Posted: Jul 11, 2011 12:58:56 PM

u know what??? they did right, and if falani is killed, its not because of India or BSF, its because of u people, u try to dump ur people in our land, that is continuously increasing our poverty and population.

Everybody knows that before direct shooting on someone BSF give warning first, if they still continues trying to enter then the bullet is mis-fired near them... and if they still continue crossing border, the only last option is to shoot them... so if any of u didn't knew this fact, just try this procedure...

Don't say its fault of Indian Government or BSF, its fault of ur country's law, we never asked u people to watch our movies, or use Indian Products, Stop dumping ur people, our BSF will never shoot u... U people deserve this shit, and we too if Indians r working in BD, then kick them our of ur land, if u find us crossing ur line shoot us also... But stop Blaming us...

If u want to see our friendship take tourist Visa come to India we'll show u what's "Atithi Devo Bhawah", but don't try to be smart by crossing these lines illegally... Make complaint in UN, if not enough then fight, but stop blaming us, coz u people r doing wrong, and u people should know this, that in any country, any part of the World, if u try to cross the border illegally they'll shoot u, and they don't see whether u r a child, woman or man...

So my humble request to u people is to stop blaming us, u have options to take action, do it in ur way, say no to us, our products movies, everything, but plz stop dumping ur innocent population raiser people to our land, coz we had enough now...

Finally I've full sympathy with that lil gal, and im too sorry for her, may her soul rest in peace, but still its not our fault, we r ordered to do so... She was not innocent, she was crossing illegally...
By: GuruPosted: Aug 25, 2011 04:42:21 AM

say no to all indian products & say
no entering illegally to india.
be human first (db's dont take jobs of indians by illegaly crossing the border) then blame BSF.
By: grafitPosted: Sep 15, 2011 10:44:34 PM

By: ShahittoPosted: Sep 28, 2011 07:15:53 PM

we know hundreds of chinese are crossing indian border illegally,please kill a chines (i personally don't want)and set an example that law is equall for all.It is very shameful to kill a poor girl of a relatively weak country.
By: aminulPosted: Oct 13, 2011 05:35:03 AM

i hate dos who support india in dis issue
By: nirzharPosted: Oct 15, 2011 03:45:49 PM

BLOODY INDIA SUCKS!!! They don't know us, the BANGLADESHIs. Inshallah we can do everything. It's just a matter of time. To: ALL BLOODY INHUMANE INDIANS.
By: AshfaqPosted: Dec 19, 2011 02:29:38 PM

u that indian guy named guru,listen if any of your indian people come to bangladesh and if we kill them,hurt them and kidnap some of them how will ur 'bharat vasis'feel hah.Mrs.Hasina if u r a human then take the blood money from them
By: Zaed Iqbal KhanPosted: Dec 22, 2011 04:56:36 AM

as an indian I feel ashamed for this incident. But I think the route couse is the 'partition' on the name of religion. Please blame Jinnah-Nehru-Surawardi-Patel etc and now RSS-Jamat-Lasker-VHP and their local agents. Creation of Pakistan is not only baseless but also inscientific and against history. After partition you ex-east pakistani got nothing but some rivers (though their origins are in India), jute land (jute mill were in Kolkata).No mines, no big Industry, no reputed Institutions.In spite of various obstacles like corruption,centralization,communalism, racialism etc our 'democracy' still continue its journey, but you are failed. Cantonment politics, religios politice are your common phenomenon. and you people even relinquished your ' mukti juddha'ideology. As Pakistan is a failed state, you Bangladesh is the burning proof for its failure, then your 'Bengali Nationalism' is also incomplete without West Bengalee. Land for Bangalee Muslim is also an inscientific and anti-humanity project, exodus from the begining is another proof.
I think a federal, secular, democratic, undivided India is the only alternative. Felani, my sister is the victim of 'partition'.
By: pater hembramPosted: Dec 27, 2011 09:01:27 AM

I hate the work of BSF. Are they believe human rights?
By: Aminul Islam MamunPosted: Jan 02, 2012 02:45:18 AM

Mr. Pater Hembram
You have made a mistake by nation we are Bangladeshi. You have no right to go against our nationalism and take over our country, give up your thinking of aggression. You are worse then RSS, Jamat and others you mentioned. We Bangladeshi strongly hate you and protest you. The world is ashamed of you.
By: DazzlePosted: Jan 06, 2012 11:07:04 PM

Pathetic and unbearable sight.Invasion on humanity.Why is killing though guilty? How can it prove friendship and co-operation between two countries?
By: SHAHEEN IQBAL SHUJOHNPosted: Jan 07, 2012 05:00:23 PM

Stop fucking india with Bangladesh. Bangladesh doesn't care you for ever!!
By: afsana akter mimiPosted: Jan 08, 2012 09:58:31 AM

Stop fucking india with Bangladesh. Bangladesh doesn't care you for ever!!
By: afsana akter mimiPosted: Jan 08, 2012 09:58:34 AM

Opening fire on children makes BSF a coward force. The option of arresting and deporting illigal immigrants are norms for civilized nation. Pulling trigger on unarmed civilians are below the dignity of armed forces.
By: Kabir HosainPosted: Jan 10, 2012 07:34:09 PM

All of you Indian peoples are going crazy about blaming your country. But try to understand that, this is not the matter of blaming anyone. This is a blame to humanity. Though that little girl was crossing the border line, she was a human. One Indian named Guru told about some rules of BSF about killing. I am asking you, when the cloths of a girl entangled in the wire of border line, then what will she do on giving warning to her by BSF? If those BSF were so kind, then why didn't they try to help her? They had the power to arrest that girl after that. Why didn't the BSF do so? Are you trying to claim that as humanity and pride of your country. If our BGB do the same, then as a Bangladeshi I must be ashamed on BGB. Because none have the rights to break the human rights.

By the by I don't hate your country. I have no complaint about you. You are doing everything for you and your country. But if anyone try to break the human rights, then please don't try to save them by blaming the victim, whether the victim is from your country or some other countries.

Let us raise our voice to save humanity.
By: Sanjib DebnathPosted: Jan 12, 2012 11:21:38 AM

I feel so bad for this little girl, hope her family are coping and make sure they get justest for there little girl. Every day people smuggle in to the uk every day people get court but they never get shot they just get sent bk to there country. Why do Indians have to be so horrible and shoot? To be honest I don't even think the uk border agency carry guns with them. She was a child a little baby.
By: LipaPosted: Jan 15, 2012 04:25:03 AM

I feel so bad for this little girl, hope her family are coping and make sure they get justest for there little girl. Every day people smuggle in to the uk every day people get court but they never get shot they just get sent bk to there country. Why do Indians have to be so horrible and shoot? To be honest I don't even think the uk border agency carry guns with them. She was a child a little baby.
By: LipaPosted: Jan 15, 2012 04:25:27 AM

Bsf is son of bicth.Bdr shoul kills indian people
By: SakibPosted: Jan 19, 2012 10:11:23 AM

Hey U Guys Why U Guys R Talking The Mother Fucker Indian (GURU) its Our Animal (Garu) U Mother Fucker, Bainchud, U Support The Mother Fucker, Khankir Pola, Suorer Baccha, BSF, U All Over Indian R Shameless, Motherfucker.
By: shonPosted: Jan 26, 2012 11:33:11 AM

How anybody justify crossing barbed wire.
This is illegal nad in this case world\'s any security force will fire on who is crossing barbed wire.
So Dont be foolish and abuse only BSF.
By: SonuPosted: Jan 26, 2012 02:08:34 PM

Where was BSF doing on 26/11 during Mumbai attacks??? I am pretty sure they were busy masturbating when Kasab and company was bull dozing.

And now this..If BSF has to function throw them in Afghanistan....then they will become real men...not by killing innocent unprotected common folks.

Shame on BSF and as a Indian I can only pray for this family
By: endlessPosted: Jan 27, 2012 07:24:34 AM

For this hinious crime, India one day will face judgement. No one knows how furious it would be that day. Indians do not believe in religion. They are worst than communist. I pray to God to deliver his final judgement.
By: SuranjithPosted: Feb 02, 2012 05:48:03 AM

Fuck u all BSF.How more u will kill the innocent Bangladeshi ? We are the people of bangladesh treated with u indians like brother. That's the return ? Shame on u guys.You sink name of indians.
By: ahmedPosted: Feb 12, 2012 04:42:48 AM

i hate indian bullshit bsf and also hate bangladeshi MP ABNORMAL SHEK HASINA cause they just kill peaple and close their eyes....WTF bangladeshi govornment put big cock in their mouth....they just lokin tothing say...fuckin ass hole....
By: REHANPosted: Feb 12, 2012 05:23:30 PM

dont worry we are with U aor indians kiii watt lagadenge kisi se apeal na karo bas ALLAH pe barosa rako ajj inkii barii aor kal amarii ahegiii
By: salman m shahiPosted: Feb 13, 2012 04:25:40 PM

You know what..... they don't have any humor.... no common sense... after killing an innocent girl... how could they say these (Guru & pater hembram) ...... Don't try to tell the history... we also know what you guys did that time... amd now what are you doing.... Shame you guys (indian)...
By: PialPosted: Feb 14, 2012 02:21:54 PM

i saw so many pak people ...giving lecture on this....really you ,,,we know aand all world know about it,,so plz stay out of it..this is between two brothers ... we will solve it
By: hindu girlPosted: Feb 15, 2012 06:01:22 AM

that is bad whatever happened with that girl...but why they couldn't go by normal gate or by Visa....why they did cross the border by wired fence...BSF did right work,,,,they did whatever they r getting paid for...!!!who knows that who is innocent...tell me if i did this to Pakistan,,Bangladesh then what they would suppose to do with me...!!!would they come to me & ask why am i doing this....!!! i proud on my BSF n my Army...!!!we don't hire Kasab kind of Terrorist....we did whatever right is for our people....!!! Jai Hind...!!!
may god rest her soul...!!!
By: AbhishekPosted: Mar 06, 2012 09:15:29 PM

i knw all the Muslims are not terrorist but why all the terrorist are Muslims....!!!???
By: AbhishekPosted: Mar 06, 2012 09:16:37 PM

When pakistan can't do anything then a pakistani do this kind of things....saloo....hamari dharti pe najar bhi mat rakhna nahi to tumhare ghar mein ghush ke marenge....!!!humne tumhe bhai banaya...kyuki hum hai aise...aur tum sale hamari hi peeth mein chaku maaro kyuki ye hai tumhara nature....!!! par ab nahi...jaake bol dena apne sipasalaron ko...humne kutton ko roti dena band kar diya hai...!!!
By: AbhishekPosted: Mar 06, 2012 09:19:45 PM

Mr Abhishek, did your coward, bustard BSF dare enough to shoot anybody at Pakistan border? Certainly not. The Pakistani guards then penetrate thousand trishul into your asshole to make it bloody. We fucked your asshole with bamboo in padua in 1999, do you remember mr abhishek?
By: Sadaf SalimPosted: Mar 11, 2012 04:38:08 PM

@ sadaf salim : i m totally agree with mr. Abhisek . No doubt tat a innocent girl lost her life but tat was not bsf's fault . And why u people are fighting with us . If u wanna fight , fight with your government . Its your fucking governments fault that they cant provide enough jobs for u people . Its ur govt.'s fault that they cant provide u enough security , food etc . Your govt is giving place to the terrorists to establish camp . Cant they provide jobs for these people . The problem is that u people dont want any good thing which is good for your country . For example u kicked out taslima nasreen from your country. Why ? Bcoz she raised her voice againtst those culprits who killed many innocent hindu people. There are lots of examples which cant be completed here . So u people dnt fight with us , it wil be quite better if u people use these energy to fight against your govt
By: biplab kakatiPosted: Mar 25, 2012 12:23:42 PM

By: Asif ImamPosted: Apr 10, 2012 02:50:56 PM

We will never forget, never forgive
Just waiting for strategic time
We will **** all Indian -----------------------------
By: Zillur RahmanPosted: Apr 16, 2012 01:56:24 PM

******** BSF.. They proved that they are coward ..,. Because only cowards can kill innocent people...
By: Brave bangladeshiPosted: Jun 02, 2012 04:41:41 AM

guys yes this was a child but you are ignoring the fact that this is illegal.. the father should had thought of it beforehand. I am not saying BSF men are always right but they did their duty. when everybody know there is a shoot on sight order for anybody crossing the line then why the hell that father put his and his daghter's life in danger. In this case BSF men are not wrong. but i do feel sorry for the little kid. god bless her soul.
By: pinky singhmarPosted: Jul 01, 2012 09:28:55 AM

Sorry for the girl. Hope atleast by this incident they wont dare to cross borders. Shameless guys entering india illegally and blaming on us. If you are so patriotic to your nation, why the fuck you dare to enter india through ladder. Shame on you guys.who are begging you to watch indian movies and indian products. few are supporting Pak, just check the wikepedia for warbabies. BSF did their job. 16 BSF were killed by BDR. At that time all the above people who commented against india were ****. Dirty fellows
By: purnaPosted: Jul 09, 2012 11:55:54 AM

bangladeshi bhaira, ekta kotha boli shunun. apnara amader shotru non ar amrao apnader shotru noi. bera topke jotobar asben edhare, totobar e guli khae morben apnara. ki dorkar bhai epare asar? apnara shanti te thakun apnader deshe. we don't need you. amader songe jogajog rakhte chaile, boidho bhabe rakhun. just do it legaly. afterall we are not responsible for your distress in your country. be aini bhabe bera topkate gele guli to marboi. amader BSF besh koreche guli mereche, eksho bar marbe, hazar bar marbe. dorkar porle arekta Israel-Palestine poristhiti toiri hok,Gazar moto aro hararo dusto domon obhijan hok, jotodin na ei somosha shomule nirmul hocche, let\'s protect us before we protect others.JAI HIND.
By: tomader bangali bhaiPosted: Oct 20, 2012 02:33:03 PM

felt very sad for the death of a human like this :(
at least she should provided with water in her last time.but brothers BSF had done here only his assigned job.to serve nation is their duty,and they are doing it.i questioned to you brothers,why u sent ur people here.?? are you not capable enough to fed them all,then why you make a cricket team in your family?
here i read a comment of a fellow who want to attack india to grab its 7 sister states, for that brother please look first inside you,grabing other\'s land is never a solution.your allah even will not forgive you for this.it comes under greed..and if still some person think like this,we indians ar world famous for loving our mother india.we will die to serve our country..its not so that we only took lives,we can give also.so beware of dreaming anything wrong,it can be turn into your nightmare..
still because of being a human i can feel pain of that poor innocent girl :(
god bless her soul.
maintaining peace with guns can never be good thing.but our destiny,our relations are like this only.so try to compromise a little..
god bless us all...
By: abhishek kashyap TrainmanPosted: Jan 17, 2013 08:44:09 PM

India is not friend of bangladesh. there r selfish country. shame of india. there r killed our innocent bangladeshi people.
By: Auni DewanPosted: Jan 23, 2013 05:37:54 PM

See y u people illegally coming to India ....Bsf is did their duty only ...just stop blaming on us ...
By: shettyPosted: Jan 24, 2013 09:06:57 PM

sorry for the girl...believe me indians don't have any hatered against bangladeshis but u have to see that it was it was illegal to trespass the border...the intention would never to kill a young girl but to stop the trespassers!
By: Nitish SaxenaPosted: Jan 25, 2013 09:07:15 AM

how she is innocent crossing international border ilegally over the fence????????
By: manPosted: Feb 24, 2013 09:06:00 PM

I love Bangladesh. I wanted to be 100% Bangladeshi. That is why this picture makes me upset. I believe one day we will take right revenge against those killers.

By: MehediPosted: Mar 23, 2013 02:39:06 PM

"Sometimes I think we should declare war against India. Thats the only way of telling those BSF that we are not weak. We can take over eastern part of India's 7 sister provinces very easily. Its just a matter of time."
This is one of the comment above, what a funny comment. Fight a war and see what is going to happen to the Bangladesh. If anybody try to climb the fence they had to e shot down. Else what is the point in having fence and gun. Do not come to our territory.
By: AnaonymPosted: Jul 04, 2013 09:05:29 AM

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